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Webdesign for dummies

2010 March 13
Posted by tullepigen

So you are about to make your very first website and don’t know a think or two about webdesign or blogging?

Here’s a few basic steps to get started on your very first blog and joining the rank of webdesigners.

First you will have to signup for an account here at, it’s pretty easy and 100% free, just goto their main page and signup, fill in your information and viola you are ready to begin on your first blog. Excited? Well you should be because it’s really fun once you gets started on it.

You will start out at the dashboard, this is the place where you get an overview over your blog tools.
Let’s start by picking a new theme look for your blog, click on appearance in the menu to your left and select themes.
Choose the theme you like the best on click ok.

Now on to the actually text,click on posts and select “Add New”, an edit box will popup and here you can fill whatever you want to write about in your blog. You can insert pictures, videos, add links to your favorite sites and much more.
If you know a little bit of HTML you can click on the HTML tab in above and design your own stylings with html.
webdesigner making a hjemmeside
Finish writting your text and click on the publish button to the left and your blog goes live. Now can now add more posts, or return another day and add a new one. Check the site and if you don’t like something about it go back and redit the page until you are satisfied. Simple and Easy, never before has it been this fast to go online with your messages or whatever you wish to share with the world. Learn a little more about proper techniques at Billig hjemmeside design.

That is what I have choosen to share with you guys today. Maybe next week I will be posting some more tutorials on webdesign and hjemmeside building, if I get the time which I really hope I do. Time is something I don’t have that much of right now due to work and a new house.
I hope you enjoyed this little article about webdesign and hjemmeside layout. Next week we will take a look at various scrips on webpages and how to correctly use safe colors for your design, which types of fonts to use and what to consider should you want to buy a complete website instead of trying to make one yourself. So return at some later point to see our new posts and you might find some useful information here at this dummies blog. I’ll share the various tips and hits with you but most of it is just hard word and practice, fancy photoshop techniques and such are a very small part of it, the rest takes practice and experience which will come the more you use your webdesigner skills. Give it a try it’s fun and more easy than you would expect to at first.

And hereby ends the part 1 on the webdesign for dummies – Blogging tutorial.
Tulle Soerensen

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  1. March 26, 2010

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    April 22, 2010

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    April 27, 2010

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  8. May 9, 2010

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    This may be off base in this case, but how about changing the layout every now and then and make it more dynamic? Maybe not if it won’t look right though. My own computer has about 1000 wallpapers that randomly rotate every 15 minutes or so. Too much coffee I guess, well anyway. Good post though, thanks.
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